indiana flower farm


Welcome, all, to Sweet Peas Flower Farm! (Well, the digital version, anyway…) Thank you for visiting our website and our blog. We are so excited to be officially getting started as an Indiana Farmer Florist in 2015. We have so much to do and so much to share, it is almost overwhelming! We want to get our blog started by introducing ourselves and sharing a little bit about what we hope we can do for you. 


We are Cecily and Wes Fox, a couple from here in Central Indiana with a passion for farming, flowers, and design. For now, it's mostly just us building hoop houses, digging into the earth, sowing seeds and harvesting beautiful seasonal flowers. We have a vision that spans far into the future about what we want Sweet Peas to be-for now, we are focused on bringing these locally grown fresh cut flowers to you and your florists. Ways we hope to do that are: selling bouquets at local farmer's markets, selling to Indiana florists and designing directly for your events. To keep up with where we will be, please see our calendar, follow us on twitter and instagram and check back for new blog posts for stories from the farm, tutorials, etc.