Imagine taking careful steps down a row of tamped earth with arms slightly outstretched, fingers grazing the top most buds, delicate blooms in waiting; breathing in the fragrant air, while eyes fall on rows upon rows of colorful flowers. What a transformative moment for a child who would later become a farmer florist herself! Sweet Peas Flower Farm began as a daydream reoccurring through the years as Cecily worked in the family greenhouse, became a landscape architect and then shared that dream with her partner and now husband, Wes Fox, who soon came to see that same vision. Together, they are taking a chance on making dreams come true. Not only their dreams but the dreams of Brides for perfect wedding flowers, the florists and restaurants who dream of stunning locally sourced flowers.


Fox Family Photo--Sweet Peas.jpg


Sweet Peas Flower Farm came together as an accumulation of a lifelong dream, years of horticulture immersion and a marriage of two young professionals looking to build something great with their partnership.

Cecily had a childhood saturated in light, plants and earth. Wes has lived to learn the value of hard work and innovation through his varied experiences on the job. Cecily pursued a career in landscape design and later absorbed more industry experience in a flower shop. Through working at the design level, Cecily realized that she was much more interested in the origin of the flowers which with she was designing. Wes might not be designing flowers yet, but he makes Sweet Peas Flower Farm’s mission possible with wise investments and managing all operational projects. Cecily and Wes decided to put it all together by cultivating a variety of local flowers and incorporating the locally harvested blooms into floral arrangements. (Wedding flowers and floral design for special events is a Sweet Peas specialty.) An Indiana Farmer Florist is born.

Cecily and Wes are focused on making sure there are locally grown fresh cut flowers available all year long. This means making a rigorous seed schedule and caring for each and every plant from germination to harvest. These two are excited to work hard to bring fresh flowers, that they have specially selected and cultivated, to central Indiana’s fresh cut flower market for you.

The ultimate goal of Sweet Peas Flower Farm is to provide a great product to both wholesale florists and retail markets. Someday, Cecily and Wes hope to include a community aspect by creating a gathering space for classes, a “you pick” area, interactive planting/harvesting, and more.